Maternity Do’s and Don’ts

  • Do wear a fitted blouse, tank top or T-shirt
  • Do not wear clothes with tight elastics over the belly.  Avoid any rhinestones or overly glossy colors to prevent strobe flare.
  • Do not wear high heel shoes.
  • Do coordinate the wardrobe ahead of time, if the father or any siblings will be taking part in the photos.
  • Do wear makeup that is a light powder application. Put some powder over the belly area that is to be captured.
  • Do put lotion on elbows and knees (or other potential dry spots), but none on the belly. Lotion will make the belly overly shiny, which will create glare and bright spots from lighting.
  • Do treat yourself to a manicure and/or a pedicure because your hands will be prominent in many shots.
  • Do eat a light snack prior to the shoot. Avoid foods or snacks high in salt or sugar.
  • Do drinks lots of water 2 days prior to the shoot, this will make your skin look particularly stunning.
  • Do bring props to include in the photo shoot. Such as baby outfits, booties, or a sonogram picture.



  • Newborn sessions should be done within the first 2 weeks of life, but are best between 5-10 days old.
  • At this age, babies can still be molded into cute little bundles of joy because they are used to being inside the womb. They still sleep most of the day so it is easier to get cute sleeping poses.  Another reason to do these sessions early is that most babies start to get  baby acne at around 3 weeks old.
  • Be prepared for about a 3 hour photo shoot. Diaper changes, feedings and cry periods are inevitable and all come with the territory.
  • If Mom, Dad, and Sibling want to be part of the photo shoot, coordinate the wardrobe ahead of time (cream colors tend to be my favorite),  and make sure hands are manicured and feet are pedicured. In case of accidents, a change of clothes for Mom, Dad, and Sibling is always a must.